Wallet product design.

I just got into a design and concept thinking design. I’ll try to sum up the brief… It must be a wallet looking accessory, with some kind of barrier for the electromagnetic waves, preventing hacking on the new tech credit cards wich transfer data (pay stuff) via near field communication (NFC)Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID). My approach was function follows form. Starting with the exterior, good… how should it be? Flat and minimalist, this implies straightforwardness and flowing curves. To keep the basic look of a wallet I went for leather as the main material. But then the challenge came up… How can I keep it flowing and also have some kind of enclosure feature? I went for a U top view looking instead of the classical V.  To this step I needed a couple of new features to keep it flowing, here I added the metal “backbone” flat and flowing to keep the neat shape in place.  Awesome!… now I have the shell. The functional tech wise attributes must be added further on… Working on them…


The wallet won the contest!render2 render4

Back into 3D!

Now there’s been so long since my last 3D project… I just opened max again and I realies that I do not recall the hotkeys anymore.

Six months of illustrator and photoshop took me back to google hotkeys. I have to regain my speed, today is the day I get back to 3D modelling and more than that is for THE games! 

The gears start to shift right now, I can say that we’re moving up the ladder and I’m so proud of us…

Anyways, our game should be ready in abou a month so stay tuned. I’ll upload some pictures as soon as we have something.

First game design

Hey y’all! Long time no post… I had my head stuck into 2D game designing and as the easter comes i launched my first game, easter themed of course :). ALL THE ANDROID USERS ARE WELCOME TO GET IT HERE WHILE IT’S FRESH! YOLO! Stay tuned moooore to come…